Frequently Asked Questions

Can I drop my longboat directly onto a space with a grey Crester?

No. You have to drop it onto an unoccupied space, and then move it onto the grey crester space to initiate the battle.

How many spaces does the White Crester move on the small map?

5 as normal – even on the small map. WATCH OUT!

Can you only pick the only top crew member on the stack?

No. You can search the stack for your chosen crew member.

What happens when a longboat and Crester tie in battle?

The longboat moves back one space like a normal tie. They cannot repeat the same battle this turn.

Can I attack again if my opponent used a False Flag card?

If a player uses a False Flag card, the attacker moves back a space, and the attacker cannot attack that player again this turn.

Does a Red Crester still move towards my ship even if it can't reach me?

Yes. During your rest phase (at sky), the red crester will move towards your ship 3 spaces using any open path that it has available.

How do you gain access to your second longboat?

When you hire a harpooner or coxswain, you gain access to a second longboat.

If one longboat loses a battle, can my second longboat attempt the same battle?

Yes, but the longboat that loses the battle cannot attempt that same battle.

Can I move my ship out of Port directly into a battle?

Yes. If tie or lose the battle, move back to port.

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