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What happens to your explorer if a cave dweller defeats you?

If you are defeated in battle by a cave dweller, the player who rolled for the cave dweller places your explorer on an unoccupied tile next to a shrine you control. If that’s not possible, they can choose any unoccupied tile on the island to place your explorer. You lose half of your resources (rounded down) to the island.

How far can I move my armies?

When you are moving your army (before a battle, or any other time) you can move your army as far as you’d like as long as you can afford it.

Do you have to give away half of your resources when villagers or buildings are defeated?

No. You only give away half of your resources when your explorer is defeated.

What if the first tile is surrounded by water?

You have discovered a special island that is not El Dorado. Congrats! You own this island. What would you like to name it? Reshuffle all of the the El Dorado tiles, get back in your boat, and search again.

Can villagers go into the cave?

Yes! They cannot discover new tiles, but they can enter the cave just like any other land tile.

If you’re farming a garden, can it produce 1 gold, 1 wood, and 1 food from a gather of 3?

Yes! The garden produces food, wood, and gold simultaneously.

Can I do a 5 for 1 resource card trade at any time?

Yes! You can trade in resources at any point. However, if you are defeated in battle you cannot trade in resources before giving half of your resources to the victor.

Do farmhouses have a strength 1 or strength 0?

Farmhouses have a strength of 1.

The big difference between forts & farmhouses:

Forts DO occupy their 3 adjacent tiles.

Farmhouses DO NOT occupy their 3 adjacent tiles.

If you pass by someone’s farmhouse, you can choose to attack it or not. In these farmhouses battles, it has a strength of 1. But it’s strength of 1 does not add to fights on adjacent tiles.

Does Tizoc have to be farming food to get his free food per turn?

Nope! Tizoc gathers his free food every turn even if he is not farming food.

Do all pieces get the +1 strength bonus from shrines you control?

No. Only your explorer gets that bonus.

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